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Scientists have cracked the mysterious mechanisms of massage

Often say, "tired and went to rub". Compared with manual dexterity, rehabilitation and massage may also be able to on your DNA greater help. A new study reveals for the first time the kneading method is how to turn off genes associated with inflammation, open the genes that help the muscles heal to relieve muscle pain. This finding negates the popular way of saying that massage to lactic acid or waste discharged from the tired muscles, as well as bring new medical credibility to the practice. Despite the widely popular shanghai escort massage all over the world, but surprisingly, the researchers turned to its little is known about the impact of the muscles. Previous studies have only managed to prove the place of the friction can reduce the pain, but no one can figure out why. Although not completely doubt, but the lack of evidence led many physicians lack of confidence in this approach. As one of the doctors, Mark Tarnopolsky is a nerve metabolism researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, and seriously injured his hamstring in the first water-skiing accident four years ago. Massage therapy is a part of their rehabilitation therapy, and effective pain relief. So he decided to track his reason for feeling so good behind the mechanism. He said: "I think there is a physiological basis and as a cell scientist, my escort service interest lies in its cellular basis." So Tarnopolsky and its rehabilitation project coordinator, including colleagues, recruited 11 young men willing to carry out the name of science training. In this study, when the subjects after strenuous exercise in stepping on board, each will randomly select one leg a massage before the massage, the massage after the end of 10 minutes and two and a half hours after their two legs were tested. The test results show that massage can promote the body to reduce the inflammatory response of the signal sent to the muscle cells, this signal can also improve muscle cells to create new mitochondria as the "engine", and it can be cells of nutrients into energy capacity. The researchers found that massage the legs than the other leg more than 30% of PGC-1alpha, which is a way to help build muscle cells mitochondrial genes. At the same time, this leg of NFkB is only 1/3 of the other leg, this gene was able to turn on the genes associated with inflammation. The study, published in the Feb. 1 Science - Transforming Medicine "magazine online edition of the research results show that massage after exercise can inhibit the inflammation and promote faster healing. Tarnopolsky said: "Basically, you can fish and eat it." The researchers said, is very important due to mitochondrial escort energy production, massage therapy may help the athlete's muscle injury to speed up recovery, improve musculoskeletal problems and chronic inflammatory the cure of the disease process. Tarnopolsky also stressed that the study did not find relevant evidence to show that massage can remove the lactic acid a long-term can lead to muscle aches, byproduct, or waste from tired muscles. Columbus, Ohio State University sports medicine expert Thomas Best, said: "This is probably the best I have seen the biological basis of focused massage therapy." In his view, to repeat this test will be very difficult, because no two massage are identical, but nevertheless, this result is still "compelling". Now, Tarnopolsky has become a convert. "There is no doubt that in the future I want to visit the masseuse."
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