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Escort girl's private life

Julia is a escort girl, she told me about her private life.
The debauchery of the night clubs, adult clubs, physically attractive woman surrounded the steel pipe to make the action of a variety of sexy hot, a lot of people in the eyes of pole dancing is nothing more than mediocre burlesque. Mention of such misunderstandings, Julia's voice suddenly improved, sensual place of the steel pipe dancer facial expressions or body language is very unsightly, so was only marked with the imprint of the eclectic pornography, but a regular pole dancing and ballet. GB, folk dance as the power and beauty of fusion. almost every country has a pole dancing contest with, including China, pole dancing is applying to become an official Olympic sport. "

Julia unique charming a woman pole dancing. Pornography and style one step, depending on the dancers grasp the right sense of proportion. I always feel do not understand the style of the girls to learn a science, charming index will soar. "Julia told reporters, pole dancing and belly dance The tango is that it does not have a fixed action, the style varied. The dancers can be combined with basic skills, different styles of their own choreography based on dance, dance clothes and dance sensation pole dancing, free play space. For example, the music is lyrical romantic, pole dancing action can not be wild.

"You might not know it? Origin of pole dancing is grassroots, it is the world's top ten folk dance one." Julia said. The end of the 19th century, workers on the construction site of the United States day and night, endlessly optimistic by nature holding a construction steel pipes, singing and dancing, a busy and tired entertainment. Since the 1920s and 1930s, as the economic bubble burst in the United States, pole dancing degenerated into a vice establishment. Today, pole dancing is trying to get rid of the dust of the image, gradually returning to the essence of folk dance, it is popular in Europe and the United States Fitness, and even joined this senior clubs, the gym has become a fashion favorite of celebrities.

2003, in order to escape the troubles of a relationship, the whims of the Russian girls graduation from college on a strange Shanghai. More than seven years hard down, break the career of the sky in Shanghai does not have any foundation of Julia, in addition to teaching dance, she also a model, and also filmed a movie on the television program. Days in Shanghai flies pretty good, I like to cook, on a group of friends who came to taste, but I will not last forever man working this year, I have a big plan. "What is the content? Let the reporter asked how, she refused to through little-lipped.

Julia usually busy at work, but an idle her to China around the play, she said this is the best way to relax. She want to stay away, and now have tie him down, not so free. "I raised two parrots, like the dog cat, the owner may be every day with the encounter I'm good, jumped into a dance to see them." Julia laughed like a child. This girl in particular, filial piety, "in September of each year, I will put their own annual leave, returned to Russia to visit family. Mother for the first time in December last year to come to Shanghai to see my live three weeks, I took her to Thailand for the her birthday is the birthday of the mother's 57 birthday, the first spent in a warm country. "

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