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What are the classification of massage?

From the content of the massage can be divided into medical massage, massage, sports massage.
Medical massage
Also known as massage therapy, Chinese medicine treatment outside France, is one of the oldest of humanity's one of the main application of massage to physical therapy treatment purpose. In addition to the treatment of surgical disease (ie, injury massage), but also treatment of internal diseases (gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, etc.), chronic diseases, functional diseases, developmental diseases, the efficacy was very good.
Currently engaged in medical massage, massage hospital for the blind, the blind massage clinics, as well as Chinese medicine hospital under the massage physiotherapy.
Health massage
Health massage healers use massage, the operation of the stimulus information in the appropriate parts of the body's neurohumoral adjustment function of the body to exert influence through reflective way, so as to eliminate fatigue, regulating body of information, enhance physical fitness, bodybuilding and senility the purpose of longevity.
Health massage techniques of the treatments, such as surface massage, kneading the pool neck France, cotton friction law, the law of the back waist, beat France, limbs pumping shaking method, it is gentle movements, the use of flexible, easy to operate, use of wide, regardless of gender and age, physical strength, whether the disease can be a different performer practices for health-care massage.
With the gradual increase of the market economy development and people's material standard of living and people's health needs, a variety of massage service industry came into being. Such as domestic care massage, pediatric massage, beauty massage, slimming massage, foreign travel massage scene massage, pet massage.
Sports massage
Sports and health combination of both bound to each other for the promotion and development of massage in the sport, along with development, and gradually formed a sports massage.
The sports massage is based on the adjustment and protection of athletes a good competitive state, to enhance and develop the potential physical fitness of athletes to achieve athletic performance for its purposes. In recent years, domestic and international practice shows that it is the role to create a superior athletic performance and meaning has become increasingly important.
1, pre-exercise massage
Sports are generally divided into sports training and athletic competition massage before these activities, known as the pre-exercise massage. It can promote the body's nerves, muscles, joints, internal organs, and psychological and emotional mobilized to adapt to the movement and psychological burden will face germs in order to prevent injury, improve physical strength, and play an active role.
2 massage before training
Massage before training, to help athletes improve the ability of the training operations; to help promote physical development, gains in disease prevention, and promote the various systems of the body's organs are mobilized to accommodate about to participate in sports activities. Specific operation, must be based on the characteristics of the sport, and athlete's individual characteristics. Energy consumption more sports, distance running, swimming, cycling, basketball, football, volleyball, such as massage, instead of the preparatory activities that need to consume some energy, which provides more energy for the movement.
3, before the massage
Sports competitions before the massage, the name before the massage. Usually starting before 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes, when the athletes in the receipt of the notice of contest, appeared before the state, and some people there will be adverse, the need for medical treatment, that is, you need several days prior to the competition for massage. For example, prior to the competition, the athletes too much tension, difficulty falling asleep or sleep at night more than a dream easy to wake up, or nightmares disturbed affect athletes sleep to rest. As the night shall not sleep, daytime lethargy, irritability, poor appetite and other symptoms. This will affect the athletes to participate in the contest must be a good competitive state. When this happens, you should massage calm sleep.
Insomnia long time, the athletes of the symptoms even more drama to spend France massage, but also massage air impact hole, pinch, rub Shenmen pinch line between the points. All these stimuli, the force are not too heavy, to a slight sense of soreness for the degree. Usually 20 minutes or longer. Since before the athletes in since before the over-excitement, restlessness, agitation, increased pulse, respiratory Pocu, or even more urine, the accuracy and coordination of action has been adversely affected, the result is to impede movement to the full.
4 massage after exercise
After intense exercise training or competition, athletes' nerves, humoral, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, metabolic and acid-base balance should be great changes, these changes in a moment destroy the balance of the body environment. But it soon reach a new balance, new balance, usually marks the body's ability to work to improve. Function system, including the environment, however, to achieve a balanced process, sometimes a slow link, the general performance: psychological stress, insomnia, muscle tension, and fatigue. Massage after exercise can promote these phenomena to eliminate, to accelerate the internal environment to a new equilibrium, and improve the ability to exercise load, and accelerate the completion of the preparation of the latter exercise load.
Massage after exercise and the approaches adopted, the size of the force, the length of time shall, in accordance with the characteristics of the athlete's physique, sex, sports, especially response after exercise (such as dizziness, swelling, vomit, limb weakness, muscle tension, insomnia, etc.) to determine. Need to comply with the principle of individual treatment, can not be stereotyped. The way we usually use, rubbing, kneading, pushing, vibration and jitter. Physical strength, muscle fullness of Qi, massage force should be heavier, time should be longer; the contrary, the force will have to light some time should be shorter. Athletes in the case of fatigue, often Meridian Massage, its techniques, pressure points, knead, pinch, push, etc., in order to clear the blood, internal and external accessibility, balance yin and yang, the athletic ability to get a faster recovery. and improved.
The full-body massage after exercise: it is usually once a week. The rest 1 to 2 hours or longer after training. Preferably after a warm bath in a warm, quiet room. Athletes comfortable lying in bed, bare massage the site, in accordance with the order of the chest, abdomen, upper extremities, lower extremities. Along blood and lymphatic flow in the direction of massage. Using kneading, push, shake, jitter, and by such means, the force is from heavy to light. At the same time, the fatigue of all parts of the acupoints along meridians. Purposes rub, twist, push, pinch techniques to reconcile the blood, eliminate fatigue. Such as massage to the athletes going to sleep, to stop the massage, gently covered with blankets, to prevent the common cold to be massage. Woke up after the athletes, will be full of energy, and general comfort.

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