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Escorts always like old customers

Escorts alway like old customers. Do you know why? In addition to those who are not screened, and any other refuse is always one of the reasons are as follows:
My intuition told me to say no.
The client does not appreciate the value I provide.
Customers expect me to invest time and resources, to pursue their own business without any financial commitment to the end.
Customers are not very polite, professional manner.
The customer service is not available.
Client request is too large, the people's business.
The client does not share the same values ​​as me.
In fact, I do not know this list. All the reasons for client-refusals is true is not my. From the first "seven reasons that no new business." shanghai escort. If you read this article, you will notice that it does not say anything about escort.
This is not surprising, but the personal service enterprises are similar, regardless of what service. Web designers often make the same complaint, their clients, I heard about them guard. The art of customer relationship is the same.
The escort is a commercial. Escort to face many of the same problems faced by small businesses, personal service providers, whether online or client meetings. Know you are a small business. It can help you become a professional, so you make the right decision for you and your business.
Understand the business reasons why you refuse a new customer to give you a solid argument, if a customer decided to debate your refusal. You can even "seven reasons" the article refers to customers. They learned how to deal with business people in order to get a "yes" instead of "not"
Maybe you will know it can be to new customers, in particular, is a very effective the above reasons. You already know and accept to meet with customers will not like this appointment, you will not get along with each other. Save yourself (and potential customers) headache or real trouble, make your business and personal life much easier. You will not make money from the abandoned reservation request, but it is worth getting a bad review, the client did not get along, ripped off or beaten? Perhaps your peace of mind is worth the money you would from a bad date.
Refuse customers because they do not fit you is to give a gift. This also means improving the success rate of your appointment, make you feel better understand your work. One happy escort and you can more easily make your customers happy. Happy customers come back, increase your percentage of repeat customers. With a high repetition rate refers to the health and happiness of the enterprise. Make you happier, right? This has caused a vicious cycle of success.
Suitable for customers booking an appointment you interrupted your happiness, your money. Let them go their own way. They can find their perfect match, in other places or not. Whether you are because you want to protect your mental and emotional health. Make sure your date is suitable for you a big step.
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