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Massage the intensity of size there is a limit must comply with the mechanical and physiological characteristics of human soft tissue, so that the role of massage in the body after the formation of a benign stimulus and induction, both to maximize the adjustment role of the meridian nerve. and avoid the obvious damage to human tissue. The following teaches you how to master the massage intensity.
For example, in the process of the use of the foot reflex zones massage treatment of disease, treatment satisfaction or not, in addition to the accurate reflection area, the size of the force is the crux of the issue. If the intensity of foot massage is too small, does not produce a corresponding effect, but only played a slight role in health care, if the intensity is too large is not accepted by the patients. Therefore, in order to alleviate the pain of patients with pain, made significant efficacy, how to grasp the intensity, it is particularly important.
Massage intensity vary from person to person
If the massage intensity is too much force, creating a vicious stimulus will produce prohibitive inhibition signal to reduce the role of practices, and can easily cause tissue damage. Massage force severity can vary from person to person. For example, the body thin and frail can be hard light. Body fat, big, robust man should be appropriate to increase the force. Do not force too small, that no feeling, but it should not be too hard, causing injuries to the skin and internal organs. In short, massage, if you feel comfortable, relaxed, and exertion is appropriate.
Massage intensity from light to heavy
The intensity of massage from light to heavy action first gently and slowly so that the skin and nerves receiving process of adaptation, and then the intensity can slightly increase a little, but just big, but also Note the patient's acceptance of natural reaction, not a frown or discomfort. If not, at the 3rd and then increase a little, should not get started on the heavy. Parts rubbing open until the performer live, in order that the efforts to be the best.
First massage, the intensity must be appropriate
First massage, how to squeeze the intensity must be appropriate. The intensity is too heavy to be massage easy massage to produce a sense of fear, perhaps only this time, next time will not dare to receive a massage. The sensitivity of the reflex zones vary, so sensitive reflex zones, the intensity can not be too large, such as eyes, ears, duodenum, frontal points; some relatively weak sensitivity reflection area should be appropriate to intensify, such as the reflex zones of the kidney area, adrenal gland, small intestine area, pituitary, gonad area, appropriate to rely upon the intensity of pain leaving the disease to stimulate the reflex zones recovered, so that patients at an early date back to health.
Visible in the massage process, the requirements for massage efforts is very strict, and this force is the soft power of combining strength of arm and wrist to be soft just cut in the soft. The shanghai massage process should always remember that "internal forces outside now, even gently" the eight, and continue to experience and use.
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