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Every men love beautiful girl

A woman's cents two kinds, one is physical beauty, a beauty of the mind.
Physical beauty is the perceptual beauty, natural beauty, is the beauty of youth. The beauty of woman shape, generally divided into, the appearance of beauty, figure beauty, sound beauty, skin beauty beauty beauty, hair, odor, attitude. Each kind of beauty are parallel, equal status, not the size of stress, there is no depth strong points. Woman's appearance as the material of nature, must be to appreciate the recognition. Because, in the eyes of some people, beauty, in other people's eyes may be not beautiful. In contrast, in the eyes of some people, ugly, in the eyes of some people may be beautiful. This and the appreciation of the life habits, aesthetic ability, life experience, education, ethnic customs, physical quality, culture, have significant relationship. Thus, a woman's beauty, sometimes not only depends on her own, but also depends on her face appreciation.
Some men like slim women, some men like a plump woman; some men like little and dainty women, some men like tall and women; some men like lively young women, some men like sedate and quiet woman; some men like appearance and delicate woman, some men like fashionable woman; some men like fair-skinned women, some men like color than the heaviest woman. Some men like women's attire, some men like women's temperament. In conclusion, different men have different aesthetic interest, different men have different hobbies. A woman wants the man like yourself that is almost impossible.
Women who have capacity for Yue, man's love is the beauty of a woman. When a man call for escort girl, he always want the most beautiful one. Therefore, as long as there are women, there is a man like. If you are a woman, you must have a beautiful existence. Born a woman will have beauty, not to stick to one pattern falling man. The woman need not be too worried for their appearance, not for their appearance to heart, not for their own body heavy-hearted. There is always a man for you, there is a man admire you.
The beauty of the soul or spirit, is the inner beauty, is the beauty of quality. Her spiritual beauty, generally divided into beauty beauty, character, mentality, perception of beauty, three types. If a woman to external and internal beauty of the perfect combination, that is the model of beauty, is the perfection of beauty. If a woman in beautiful shape and the beauty of the soul are important, please try to repair the.
Personality beauty is kind to people. Women should have a tolerance of the heart, the heart of love, the heart of thanksgiving. The good life is the fundamental, is the female beauty of heart foundation. Tolerance is a hold, is a relief, is a happy. Thanksgiving is a kind of human nature, is awareness, is awakened. A good block 100 ugly, no good, it is difficult to forgive. Women seek revenge for the smallest grievance, worry about personal gains and losses, hate, what price honesty, always to be seen, even a short period of time can not see, as long as the time is a little long, can be found. Heart is full of evil, speech will be exposed, beautiful is bound by the setback.
Beauty is a common heart mind. Women have a common heart praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct, even better than gold. When they face money, fame, SOM, failure, death, suffering, to relatively calm response, rather than the square accounts in every detail, terrified, repeatedly attempt suicide. Water overflow, wind and cloud, sunrise, sunset and breath, three meals a day, parenthood, sickness and death, natural. When love and happiness is coming, the woman must dare to accept, to give, not timid tail, don't look the other way. Young, beautiful no wrong, as long as it is natural is beautiful. When misfortune and failure comes, do not be discouraged, do not be discouraged, not all thoughts are blasted. Even in death, even if wrong, even more distressed, the woman wants to but when, should bring to life the burden on his shoulders.
Perception of beauty is the wisdom of life. If the good is the foundation, ordinary life is beautiful, so, understanding is a woman beautiful mountains. To have sailed the seven seas, don't have Wushan not cloud. Only with the understanding of the woman, can feel a deeper levels of the realm of life. Because, understanding is a kind of mature beauty, is mental sophistication. Mature woman suddenly adds a attractive force. In fact, in life, there are many woman is naive, they are very lovable, is also very good, but always naive, lively, let a person feel never mature look. They are savvy no home, did not reach a height of life.
But, when you really reached a height of life, you will find its own height, height of cold, lower its own low warm, in fact, a man like you is really hard.
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