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The skills to help man get high point

Massage for men body in bed, but also allow him to "sex" high, or by auxiliary or A piece of the imitation of sex toys to add to the fun.
In addition, most men are very fond of "oral sex". So-called oral sex, is to use the lips to stimulate the genitals of the opposite sex, regardless of the lick or suck mouth at the opposite sex genital behavior. Some people think that genitals excretory organ, is an unclean thing, difficult to accept oral sex way. In fact, as long as do a good job cleaning measures, exclude the hearts of their prejudices, give it a try anyway.
In addition, some people think that the so-called sexual intercourse, usually the penis into the vagina, and out nothing. In fact, sexual intercourse is not only a simple twitch movement, twitching is just one form, there are moves back and forth, up and down movement, rotary motion, of oppression sports and mixed sports, each sport has different skills and feelings.
In addition to the subtle and complex movement, postural changes are not under one hundred kinds of different position intercourse, but also makes the experience feel totally the same pleasure.
What sexual position to take, fully in accordance with personal preferences, as well as size, physical considerations, there is no certain basic criteria, as long as they like, regardless of which way, what kind of position are appropriate. However, long-term rigidly stick to the excitement will gradually diminish in the same kind of position, it is best to change the position of three or four little effort to make life more fun.
A man born to conquer a woman's desire to meet the men of conquest, is the best way to please a man, make love, how much to demonstrate the look of pleasurable excitement, men feel a woman to indulge them, will be harder and more want to show masculinity in order to please women. Lingering after, do not forget to tell him you are very happy in them or to praise his great encouragement and praise can make men feel comfortable and proud, and build self-confidence. But can not be installed too, over-exaggerated, exposing the cauda equina.
Skills to make love everyone, and then the physical condition can also affect the quality of love, so do not time performance Erwang under attributive not to take him to compare with others, regardless of who do not like to be used as a , especially in this regard. Also do not because they can not have orgasms and blame each other, sometimes the problem may be in themselves without realizing the full communication is the solution to the problem of blindly accuse each other, not only hurt the gas, and may not be able to identify the problems.
Full communication between men and women is very important, do not hard-imposed on others their own ideas, and everything to take it for granted at the attitude of the bound to be interrupted by a bridge of communication, both sides thought there is a generation gap, there is conflict possible, so to pay a sincere concern, and continue to listen to each idea is very important.
In addition to communication, open-minded, do not have to rigidly adhere to a certain type, the next point of effort to try a variety of changes, there will be a great help for sex life. Sex life is not applicable to absolute canon, sex is no absolute codes and taboos, only two of the accumulation of common experience is the sex life the only way.

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