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Finally back to Shanghai

And finally a trip back to Shanghai, and found myself really falling behind.
       You familiar road, alley demolished erased, made up like touch the door like a high-rise buildings. With "long" on the business card of a child specifically to eat two points Asan head handed to you still remember the look of the past, he dragged nose playing marbles, I do not know how to deal with this smug VIP. Civilians favorite food is packaged beyond recognition, the price is a few somersaults turned up, taste it, far better than the past. When I first came to the United States to use the yuan to estimate the index of life, you in Shanghai with U.S. $ conversion price of goods in the store, when you pay for my heart full of slaughtered feeling, you is one thing, far off the mark is one thing. Your friends dare not speak, an opening to say outdated, which makes people oblique white to seeing you, ask your life in which century? Walking down the road you can not cross the street, our car flying, pedestrians, such as ants, as if crushed a few that also, you tremble in fear, dodge and finally reach the street, a back, that grazed the eyes of your side of the driver can simply shot down a fly.
       You dare on relatives to go home, people are so and so who bought several houses and every turn is the number of several million, it seems to easily get small farms to buy a couple of pounds of salted yellow croaker like; you could not help but think of the years in the United States really lived in vain, and also the mortgage is still hard. You walk into the roadside shops, fried dumpling served excessively rosy and plump, not help wondering stores put cooking oil detergent, and a pair of chopsticks on Xiabu Qu. You can not feast, the door slipped eight hostesses, dress lapel open to the thigh. The hotel is not in season eel crabs, contraceptives fed large. Shanghai people eat joy whipped style, and slightly Dongkuaizi table full of dishes to be Che Xiaqu. You do not even dare not say that the United States back, people face care Q days in the financial turmoil still flies down, and sent to ask whether your flight back relief funds to buy.
       The mood has really bought the block of tofu killed.
       To be the modern Shanghai is not easy, silver net worth accounts to do to send a U-turn coloratura engage paste skill indispensable. Do not think you were born in here and you can count the people of Shanghai, the city with each passing day, do a standard of Shanghai people times. Like this a few years back a trip to the man, the first road do not know. People treat you to dinner this square, the building reported that up enough to make you dizzy a. Finally touched there, people have to eat similar, the attendants in the fermented glutinous rice dumpling. If people passion some of you to the "house car" to go Shiraai, it is the arduous task of a road's name is never heard of, check the map to a telephone call under the subway and then take a taxi to pocket a long time , the last driver of Chongming Elder brother when you throw in the cell door, take a look at the hands of the address ---- Area B South Gate East 6, on the 5th, 28th floor, Block A, Room 4, tongue-like. Dozens of houses are designed the same, have the same purpose at the door a circular motion with Alibaba. There is no way hard the scalp to the guard at the inquiry, the security of large caps and green uniforms that reminds you of the Huji Jing uncle inexplicable first mood a little. Security to see you the fainthearted's like a the Subei bureaucratic up: to find which one? Uh-huh. If you was a scared, Qiqiaiyi not answer, you are a nervous, wary of large blocks out of the booth to the back of the hand behind his back, I do not know the pinch of what anti-riot weapons. Fortunately, quick-witted, took out the contacts, a phone call up, was able to release the elevator upstairs, knocking on the door the first thing the body is asked to master by the toilet, the choke is not strong Kazuya.
       The house is Shanghai's largest hardware, and a height of 25 eight-story, It is said that the summer mosquitoes can not fly up. The first step into the door slippers, slippers shape Bunny Donald Duck exports to domestic sales, are extremely cute, old man old lady wearing a kind on the World to sing funny go. Master before you see the scenery of the living room window, looked out the gray sky, dozens of blocks of identical touch door-like floor, opposite the people of the sun room, Hanging the stockings shorts vividly seen from afar viaduct car like ants like crawling around, and the Jimu the Department myopia of discussion vague to be considered a little shadow of the downtown really do not see why, but polite to you praising a few insincere. The owner of a happy, and bring you to visit each room, do not charge you for tickets. First introduced this house is his last year, the number of copper-tin buy now up how much money. And then introduce Brazilian imports of hardwood floors, kitchen is a full set of Japanese imported cookware, eliminating the bath room peeing with the bowl of the Big Dipper is the U.S. imports, the head chandeliers Czech crystal and mahogany furniture is the original Italian, squeeze full to the brim a room, fried assorted adding that fully embodies the spirit of integration with the world. If the master you warm, will scrape in your ear that the house he still has several sets, all in Putuo, Tsat, Songjiang, only the area of ​​the Cape, one of which is ready for his three-year-old son that there are several sets of it? He just smile, give you leave sufficient room for imagination.
       Roland Barthes once said: a cage bird. Won in which the essence of the people of Shanghai; cage must be prepared several empty no problem, the time comes, will the canary flew.
       The people of Shanghai has always been an unparalleled passion for the house, used to see the flowers inserted in cow dung, the cow dung is often the garret where the marriage of a few square meters area, making the flowers willingly entrusted to him for life. Also see brothers and sisters living in the redundant space for a heritage room to break the head. Also see older teens all night long swing in the Huangpu River road, just to have nowhere to go. The historical lessons to be learned, subconsciously stored food like mice starve Shanghai's home is only the hearts of a house is not stability. Shanghai resident population of 20 million each hands pinch a two, three sets, the results of the city center like gruel overflow, had Wang Jiaowai development, Xinzhuang, Minhang, Kunshan is now overcrowded, like the Songjiang this bird does not lay eggs The head of the countryside, the house also sold 17,000 8000 square farmer uncle mouth smile crooked out money falling from the sky fluttering triumphantly, called the Iraq how can I re willing to go to plant crops. Listen, can not afford urban house, the area for banks banks department stores miscellaneous farms restaurants snacks winery hotel video cafes elimination of the bath, pedicure, massage salon knock back everything again Chaduilahu to come is to do "A town", but also To make a room A Township.
       Shanghai people have been popular a few large "house of course, is one, there are other signs of large cars, the Shanghai narrow roads and vehicles, viaduct traffic jam two or three hours to work a mere trifle. Fortunately, the subway extending in all directions, taxi, like the river carp. Private car, to be honest; deaf ears, the swagger of the composition is greater than the practical. House to buy down, to library parking spaces allocated to you is empty, see for yourself all embarrassed. The jaws of a bite, buy! Can not buy too bad, otherwise people when you gifts that. Checked numerous computers, visiting the numerous 4S shop, the wife and husband arguing numerous times relative to curse, the results bought a Gaolibangzi car, said it is "cost". Finally a motor vehicle parked in the parking spaces also ran down the garage to look at the middle of the night, wake up, listen to the sound of the car the next day fight wax, car perfume to spray enough. Shanghai, raising the motor vehicle than raising a Xiaonan cheap, at least a lot more expensive than raising a mistress, the license fee for premium road maintenance repair fare parking fees gasoline copper-tin, used to work does not pay, the only a useful viaduct open until midnight, after the point of view the scenery.
       House car to be regarded as the hardware of the people of Shanghai, the software can not tell, this place one day become the flower head by the man back like you abroad to carry unclear. For example; wife count the hardware or software? Lover? Remember the simplicity of that registration in the name of the operator can not replace hardware at any time can be used with the Software. So, there you feast, you ran into the hotel to see the host side, ladies do not barking of a Lady, a wife, embarrassing scene, was also that "foreign disk" have taken. The Shanghai genuine lady rarely put on the table, or parts assembly on the face is not in place, or a new couple to each tube we Shiraai. K song mahjong shopping shopping and watching movies a cup of coffee gathering trips to eat, Guys and Dolls false phoenix virtual-Phoenix, the modern figure of the young and beautiful romantic class, everyone on hand diamond ring real to the enemy, everyone carry only the LV, everyone hands of a mole smoke , call whatever you pick; friend the Secretary of the friends and colleagues, Acting Assistant tutor lover tired of the Friends of Xiaomi Pink Darling ...... different. The software on the people of Shanghai, you can do to give full play to your imagination, but not apparent stupidity to ask the people Ms. card, otherwise the next time no greater treat you to dinner.
       Expo was held, oh yo, big ah! Shanghai people to talk only to the SB, too excited to sleep well. Government takes the lead, several thousand billion to spend down the eyes blink, widen roads, massive construction projects, Banlaoxuniang head studded with floral. Hard is hard, but often exposed to point flaws; near People's Square when making these antique floor housing? Countryside House back down "house sold for the second and third in case the square of the city center is the high cost of land. Really curiosity killed the cat, call a taxi Elder brother stopped to look at that, approached only to find this antique building is painted on the plywood, but portrayed really fine gilt lintel carved the windowsill bluestone stairs glass cornices mighty lions festive lanterns. Chinese culture conceals behind messy messy demolition site. Shanghai ah Shanghai, the Expo is an exhibition it is worth like this "posing as a diamond"? Printing made it even more bizarre, said that during the Expo before and after, all to the store to buy a kitchen knife will be implemented identity confirmed name system also control the column to buy rat poison, wants Long to boom, as if Baghdad did not so nervous. Shanghai people have done this fantasy only pediatric.
       Do not think this is just government action, the mentality of the escort people of Shanghai now like stir-fried rice flower wildly expansive incredibly, more than one person told me: foreign place like this so what engage the head? And come back. Back Zuosa? Back Shiraai ah! Shanghai life easier (Editor's Note: Shanghai dialect "preclusion" to fool the meaning of the play)
       Maybe Shanghai is magnified thousands of times, Huang Jinrong World, tricks everyone will become, eat and drink Shiraai taste everything; you can eat the waste oil burning out of Shark meal is served, you can drink delicious three deer milk powder, blending industrial alcohol Maotai wines, you money can Shiraai the uncompleted stock, you have no money can Shiraai mobile phone dirty joke, you is wealthy can Shiraai the star, you are the small the Chilao can Shiraai Fa Langnv when the officer Shiraai the people you are unfortunate enough when flat head people, at least Shiraai obscenity look; born into the Golden Age.
       Unfortunately, Golden Age is not about a comprehensive and balanced. Future historians will put a handful of people to grasp most of the social resources of the period called "Golden Age" highly questionable. If this society is the moral hazard no faith deposit, extortion and damage to the environment, full of fake, the loss of people, that is certain; not to mention the peace and prosperity, the end of the world almost.
      Oh, well, Elder brother of your own Shiraai happy enough We oceanic plate, untimely, or to be an amateur Shanghai, and occasionally to Shiraai phase content.
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