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Massage popular in Shanghai

Shanghai white-collar workers millions of daily life and work is busy physically and mentally fatigued, the body of sub-health is also increasing. Recently, a buy site in Shanghai to launch a "for only $ 49! Value of 246 yuan, health club health massage packages 2 1 massage health buy lost their encounter people hot to grab, so far has been 11,725 ​​people. Friends Mike says: "where the level of the technician pricey. Massage place, time is quite enough."
Buy this section attracted so many people Offered under a single, in my opinion First, the activities affordable 49 yuan will enjoy the aroma of milk foot bath, cervical care, care of the shoulder and neck massage, head decompression massage and many other services. Care massage and head decompression of the shoulder and neck massage the most white-collar welcome. Populations of white-collar workers, students and other long-term sedentary, cold and wet, sprains, etc., likely to cause blood to stagnate, meridian barrier, and then bring the shoulder, head pain and movement disorders, shoulder and neck care and massage of the above symptoms A good mitigation. Massage the head on the brain, brain nerves, the role of the ears and keen eyes, the brain can also improve blood circulation, improve oxygen uptake of the brain, and beneficial to the functional regulation of the cerebral cortex, the puzzle brain, enhance memory , relieve fatigue, insomnia, have very good role of adjuvant therapy. The second is the white-collar workers living and working under increasing pressure, the the subhealth number of more and more, have a healthy body in order to protect themselves, people like to choose the sports and leisure, health care and other ways to release their own, to relieve the pressure.
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