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Escort girls in Cambodia

Impoverished village near the most famous attractions of Angkor in Cambodia, there are a lot of low and vulgar "karaoke" concert hall and bar in the work here is from 14-25 years old, "the Kara OKescort girls", of which underage escort girls. Although they are all over the country from Cambodia, but the story of their fate is almost the same, poverty is the main reason for forcing them to work here.
Customers Khmer pastime here, of course, sometimes a small amount of foreigners that come here knocking around, they generally have to pay for beer and sing karaoke. These the Kara OKescort girls "hostessing they sing romantic songs and dancing.
escort girls to earn extra money, you need to accompany clients to sleep, most of them are willing to have sexual relations with customers, usually the night they will get a return of about $ 15.
Although these escort girls often been the drink of bullying by customers, and even sexual abuse, but the face of extreme poverty, the fact that they have no choice, only to entertain these men to make a living.
Some escort girls never the Cabaret happy customers make a boyfriend, best efforts to communicate with them, and hope in the future and they get married, leave this foul place.
Under normal circumstances, these "the Kara OKescort girls a month income 40 to 60 dollars, one can rent a monthly rent of $ 1, low-cost housing. Working outside of the specific circumstances of their families, to conceal, but they are every month to send some money home, so a lot of escort girls their parents think they are doing the normal work.
During the reign of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, prostitution has been completely destroyed, and the subsequent State of the prostitution of strict control, if the women into prostitution, will be detained even be exiled to a desert island Kandal Province. However, in Cambodia in 1989, prostitution is not only the resurgence and prosperity potential. In Cambodia, countries with low living standards, there are many hidden brothels as well as the name of beauty salons, massage parlors or karaoke bar signs establishments are engaged in such dirty dealings.
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