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Hot nightlife in Shanghai

Shanghai is the most popular this year, the longest queue time, the most favorable ... a lot of "most" fully shows the situation status of the "grandmother" Hang Bangcai Museum in Shanghai cuisine circle. Open the pages of public comments online grandma, almost more than 90% of the user to select allelic more than 60 minutes, but this did not affect the favorable for the people of Shanghai. Begin to line up from 1:00 to 3:00, take the number, 4:30 to eat, tell the truth, I could not even Expo is no such a row over the estimated queuing time of the whole of Shanghai's longest restaurant. Remove the headache of queuing of Needless to say, inexpensive, and really, really delicious. " 
Shanghai 19:00-21:00 most popular sign the largest number of occasions none other than his grandmother, and surely there is a lot of greedy connoisseurs in the bit when playing with the phone when the sign of it. Grandmother of 56 yuan per capita, spicy Meeting of 60 yuan per capita, sea fishing to 90 yuan per capita, the people of Shanghai nightlife "It's delicious and not expensive! 
21:00-23:00 singing, theater popular full 
Satiated after Shanghai will go? Attendance data show that based on public comment network phone, Monday to Thursday, the Shanghai night 21:00-23:00 favorite KTV and Studios leisure and entertainment. Yonghua Cinema, ranked first in the theater Ranking and convenient transportation, theater, movie choice, is the main users of its sought after. Yonghua of movies every day discharged to 2-3 points in the morning, when there are large, but also to reflect overnight field, you can still often in short supply. Enough to see the love of the people of Shanghai for a late movie. Finish at midnight, open the phone, to close at the missed SMS, they sign up to talk about the feelings of viewing, this night is really very fulfilling. 
Equally popular, including the "Shanghai City" of song, "till," Melody "," Mark Song "KTV. Saturday evening, the people of Shanghai bubble in the KTV to sing the vicissitudes of life behind all the hard work of the one week fatigue, and then later can sleep a big Lanjue tomorrow. 
23:00-01:00 Bar Street map petty feelings of the people of Shanghai 
23:00 in other cities may have been sinking into a deep sleep, but Shanghai's night also bright. The new world of fashion, Hengshan Road, the ancient, the frenzy of the Fuxing Park ... countless bars street against the background of the people of Shanghai nightlife gorgeous. Public comment network mobile phone data show that the favorite of the people of Shanghai Sinan road Hof a drink mixed with the cocktail of rich chocolate; in Lujiazui (600,663, stock it) Paulaner drink a cup of authentic German stout; or will choose to People's Park, Barbara Lu Sha smoke a fruity hookah, quietly talk about feelings. Akira God, took out the phone, read the microblogging sign to, perhaps you will find where your friends are far back a smile, share overlapping footprint in these a mixture of spent a night in Shanghai personality "bar. 
01:00-03:00 Restaurant, continue the night's hot 
Contrary to the reporters expectation is Shanghai's nightlife is far from the end in 1:00. 1:00 the night owls of the many cafes have become gathering places. Sign was undoubtedly the largest number of Sinan search restaurant, near Fuxing Park, next to the convergence till official residence, Park97 and other well-known nightclub, a lot of influx of people removed from the bar will be to check the restaurant to drink a flavor cold tea, eat to eat Huanen Rose Soy Chicken, always feel a sense of ambivalence in so nostalgic strong, the old Hong Kong cafes, a kind of crossing time and space. Similarly many people late at night favored Xinwang Huaihai Road, by virtue of the high popularity of Huaihai Road the the along MUSE2 and BabyFace open until 6:00 Xinwang has been a large influx of people supper preferred. Themselves and their friends take a picture, record the mood and the meeting place, share the same table. Mood to share the phone is so simple. 
Shanghai nightlife of how many people where to spend? Nobody statistics, but there are a few figures can prove: Shanghai at night from 19 to early morning in 5 points Registration number is double than in Beijing; the people of Shanghai Studios and KTV proportion of occupied more than 40 percent of all businesses; Shanghai Nightlife per capita consumption of 92.5 yuan, lower than the per capita consumption in Beijing, Chengdu standard. So, the people of Shanghai's nightlife is not expensive, and somewhat contradictory characteristics of both Petty and smart blend was complement each other in Shanghai nightlife.
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