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The reason of men use perfume

Men use perfume for many reasons, one of which is the temptation to escort girls. The women want the rapid achievement of femininity, the most direct way is to spray on the perfume, and men want to quickly change sexy, of course, not strip the spot, but immediately put on a coat called perfume.
Toxic perfume is its the Ecstasy fragrance makes mind waves. Deep which can not extricate themselves.
The men will not help more close to the smell of a woman, comes out faint charming taste makes her seem more mystery. And women close to the flavor of the man think he is full of style and charm.
In fact, we all felt the woman perfume Tianjin justice, the man is only responsible for up to help women buy perfume. . .
In fact, the men wear perfume has a lot of benefits.
1: will not be scolded for "rotten man"
2: to cover up the bad habits of laziness does not love taking a bath.
: A bottle washed can be mounted wine flavor through the intestine but not death drama, and then the next time performing in front of friends. . .
4: giving the impression that you pay attention to the instruments, the family must be very clean, and perhaps actually at home in disorder, each with a perfume can not find.
5: the girl to date you were curiosity, but also a subject: "Do you use perfume Sha brand?"
6: Invite the girls to your house to sit off a subtle excuse, not every time the old-fashioned way "to try under my craft. Can become more innovative: "Do you want to look at the perfume at home?"
7: girls are more willing to contacts, and you think you really understand the life, fashion, full of fun. In fact, this bottle of perfume happens to just your luck in a raffle to.
8: The other party will think you are getting along fine, the current situation of state are good, and have time for such pursuits to buy perfume, perfume. Despite the fact that you may spare time fared up to the place just cafes.
9: To improve retention rates, girls were floating over the scent to attract, subconsciously would turn around to see who, if you happen to go back ... hey ~ not a wedding ad in the vast sea of ​​people do you think I I see you encounter scenes Ma ~.
10: in the narrow space of the private, ambiguous fragrance can make you do not act to the other side to become just around the corner. Save a lot of effort for you to worry about manufacturing atmosphere.
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