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How to do a good touching foreplay?

Many people start pointing these sensitive parts of the body to the other side, not knowing that it often can not achieve their goals, and sometimes caused by aversion and evasion on the other side of sexual foreplay. Especially women, to arouse their sexual desire often is slower, if directed at these areas, only the body and mind are not ready for a good wife is more tense or agitated, will man action too rough or too explicit purpose unhappy.
The order should First Sex stroke, then (on the basis of gradually mobilize the enthusiasm, you can ask the breast, genital and other sensitive parts), and finally sexual intercourse movement sexual caress. General can take Youyuanerjin the by him and by the times and the Lord's way. For example, you can start from the foot massage, foot massage helps to relax, physically and psychologically stroked think that it is refreshing to let the body to stimulate the nervous system through the thousands of nerve endings in the foot, so as to reach relaxation.
Began to massage legs and foot first wipe a little oil, palm is also coated with a little oil. Companion comfortable prone position, the massage adjust their position (for example, my eyes get on the partner's feet), in order to massage each other's arms to the legs down. And then raised his hands and a foot pad to live in partner, four fingers flat out into their feet. Smooth with the palm with and the thumb away from the foot central gently rub into the feet on both sides, in order to fully carry out. From the bottom up to repeat this action throughout the soles of the feet so far.
Second, single-handedly boosting the instep, the other hand, small toes start to the toe of each foot with the thumb and index finger with the traction to slowly tiptoe, if necessary, change hands and then stretch.
Again, massage with fingertips rubbing the soles of the feet. This action can stimulate the plantar numerous nerve endings, so as to restore the vitality of the entire body. Such as massage, feel the partner plantar muscles are soft, can increase the pressure. Finally, refers to the thumb and four fingers rubbing around the ankle, in order to relax the back of the joint, because the ankle is not under the body gravity of the parts. Gentle massage benefits, followed by massage of the neck position and shoulder area, back parts and waist bit.
Massage the neck position and shoulder, his wife is best to take a prone position. Massage by sitting in front of or behind all OK. Can use both hands pressing to look to try the other side can accept the intensity of the beginning, however, the intensity of how much and what kind of massage is unsystematic, massage should be ready to ask his wife how to feel, but also look at how her reaction, in order to adjust their tactics and position. Massage available right thumb, index finger massage, time may be short or long, but the wife is the best state in the best and then a few minutes.
To encourage your partner to relax the body entirely up to you to the mercy of his body. You can sit on the location of each other over the head, leaned with both hands, stretch and lift his body, so that the chest and shoulders gradually relaxed. You must pay attention to your posture, your back must be straight, and use the lower body to support your actions, so as to successfully complete this action.
First of all, his hands fell to the sternum, and then slide back on both sides of the companion through the ribs at the bottom of the finger inward, thumbs down, his hands back up filed, a partner in the chest slightly lifted off the bed, his hands touched the armpit after, and then continue to slide into the chest. And then massage the body leaning forward, his hands grabbed her by the wrist, and slowly raised her arm himself to take a kneeling position. Arm straight, and then gently pull up, and then around the shoulder maneuver, and then slowly put down the upper arm, and then put down the forearm part, partner with both hands to stretch, shoulder and upper extremity can relax fully; Thirdly, massage pairs palm smooth along the partner's chest side up massage, underarms, upper limb, until the hand so far. Let your partner's upper body a sense of expansion. Put your hands on her hands a moment. Together they indulge in a gentle touch.
These movements and site are to comply with Youyuanerjin by him, and this principle has already been mentioned above, women's breasts, clitoris, is the most sensitive parts, is a massage before intercourse when touched. Massage in general practice is to massage the other parts of the emotional areas, lust began to mobilize, before exposure to these most sensitive parts. However, women's emotional areas is very broad, any part of the body's skin is very sensitive, gently rubbing these places, often lead to a very comfortable feeling.
Massage, the intensity of the action should be light to heavy action to have slow to follow the shape, smooth and continuous. Up massage, body swings forward, and the alternately soft and hard force to enhance the fun and sexy. The slow down is memorable to give partner enough time to enjoy the complete feel of your massage. It should be noted, just a general principle of the site and methods mentioned here should not be static. True feelings and experiences, in practice to create and play.

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