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Introduce myself first, I am a escort girl, after 86, the specific age will not say, Sydney Chinese is less fear of human flesh. My home city in the south, is single. Gone with the Wind in Sydney for many years in Sydney doing a financial work. The income can also be enough to feed themselves. Room, a second-hand car. Take annual of the time like traveling, usually is once the nine to five office workers, in addition to grocery shopping over the weekend, and occasionally friends together outside, general house home.
In October last year when, for some reason, I need to find another new home. Had never been seen busy with work, and even buy newspapers to find room time have no One day inadvertently to see a Chinese Australian Forum for leasing advertising, the very heart. Area C in the more expensive the house from the company only a few train stop. 4 room house, rental house, room in the photo looks very clean, reasonable prices, 200 knives week, including water grid
I immediately hit the post on the phone, the phone is a speaking pure Australian English man called, Nick, our opening remarks is very formulaic. After listening to what he wanted, Nick said that the house has not been rented, you can look at the room. , I've been with him about the second day of showings. After work the next day, I hurried by train to Area C, approximately 10 minutes walk to find this building hidden behind a tree house.
The house is not very new, looks and inconspicuous. The street is very quiet, The greening well wooded, and take care of every household regarded small courtyard is very beautiful. My heart can not help but sigh, in the end is the north side of the rich area, the environment nice.
After the knock on the door to open the door of the landlord Nick let me shines, visually, about 180cm, wearing a casual, very short hair, a bit similar to the feeling of Ethan. However, the outline of a deeper, somewhat mixed look. If you walk down the street, I certainly will not rush to speak Chinese. The decoration of the house I like the style, natural wood table, elegant curtains, and Bohemia carpet.
Prodded, Nick took me to see the rental room. The room is very clean, inside the home are also considered a new relationship with floor to ceiling windows, the next night the room is still very bright, the window is a flat lawn surrounding planted a circle of flowers. The room I am very satisfied with the present decision win. Nick took me and looked around the circle, and then we went to the living room to discuss the rental details. Nick has a casual, Australians did not I think outside the box provisions. I am sorry again counteroffer, because the price to rent this house has been quite cheap. When I am prepared to pay a deposit, only to find the wallet of cash running out, Nick very generous waved his hand and said it does not matter, symbolically accept a few coins.
I am a little embarrassed to say sorry, said the home will the money be transferred to him, he smiled and said the next move together to

I found Nick laughed like sunshine, mouth upward arc very beautiful, eyes slightly narrowed, with some boys innocent. I am a little curious about his age and occupation, but the first meeting I am not good to find out what thinking anyway, Japan, longer and later there is always a chance.
Send when I go out, Nick looked at the heels of my feet to walk this road with the slope is very hard, as I give you a ride to the station. Before I refused, he went on to say that I was going out to dinner, on the way. I have no reason to refuse. The way to the station very close, Nick will soon be safely stop at the station side. I thanked him farewell ride home.
The next few days, my day busy with my work, go home at night to pack up, dinner only use instant noodles quick fix. Busy and bitter natural self-evident, perhaps only those who are drifting away people who can understand. Determine the date and time of the next move, I call to Nick, he said by telephone the sound of Chinese is very mild and completely blunt the first phone.
Moving day is very hot weather, I kept running in and out of the command of the workers, they also moved some light boxes. When the workers left, I looked at the full of the box room, can not help but feel very frustrated. Looking at himself in the mirror, hair disheveled, gaunt body, T-shirts with sweat and dust, are a real Cinderella. Then a burst of food aroma, wafting from the kitchen to the stomach but also outdated and cried.
I was disheartened to get up to the bathroom wash their hands, ready to wait for the next random biscuits to deal with the next forget. Out of the door, just to see Nick come over, say, Vicky ', have dinner together.
Ah, how the nerve to do, I have not Huanguo Lai from the frustration.
It does not matter, big deal after you asked me to.
Longer refuse would only seem hypocritical, I obediently sat down at the kitchen table, thinking he was the individual stickers landlord. A desk with a fine soup, which I was somewhat surprised.
Nick smiled and said, not such a surprise (surprise), I'm very good cook's.
Oh, I did not expect it, I'm a little embarrassed to reach for a bowl of rice.
Nick dishes are done well, with the familiar taste of the long absence, I once thought that we are fellow.
I ate and praised, really delicious. Nick you are from the south?
Well, Hangzhou, you too?
Yes, I am also a southerner. My home is in XX, XX edge of a small town. You look a bit mixed, not quite like Hangzhou Yeah, my mouth stuffed with food, a little bit inarticulate.
Ah, there, Nick like a child, like touch his face, slightly naughty face is very attractive.
Conversation, I learned of Nick's high school, when migrated to Australia with his parents, the parents because of business reasons, year-round in the country. Nick, a 19-year-old brother in the S University, reading, and brother near the university rented a room and friends live, rarely home. Nick first came to Sydney when the parents are at work busy, no time to take care of their brothers, Nick had to start learning to cook and do housework.
Nick is now doing a busy IT work is often so busy that night.
I told him my situation. After dinner, join us clean up the dishes. I would like to help wash the dishes, but Nick will be my introduction to the, let me back into the house to the bin.
Because the meal is a pleasant dinner, before I swept away the frustration, although the body is very tired, but I sorted out the part of the baggage. To see the hour is late, but also a busy day, I went to the bathroom and a shower, lying in a strange bed sleep unconscious.
The next few days, we get along, can be considered harmonious. Nick a half-ABC, often with English speech. Habits is also half-Chinese, half-Western. He does not need every day from nine to five to go to work, but working from home a long time, there are several morning, and I see him Zhaoyan to look tired out from the study should be stayed up to work all night. Busy morning, he will go out early morning runs, sweaty back after a bath, and then drinking milk, eating whole wheat bread, dressed neatly to go to work. Weekend spare time, he will go to the garden to take care of flowers, or in the living room watching Foxtel, sports programs (pay TV). Will see him cook, but rarely do lunch, so I am grateful for the first day of the dinner.
Sydney is a lazy day off slowly like water, and I know Nick is also limited to the first night chat, although I would like to ask why he had to rental housing, he does not seem short of money. However, because of the busy working relationship, we have not been the opportunity to chat.
A while, I like living under the same roof, parallel lines, although nearly, but polite to keep a distance.
On a Friday night, I and several university students get-together. After graduating from their busy, there are several other cities. This time around, together, we had a good time to a high. Early morning until the end, did not train too late, and a few good friends one night in the City, a friend's house to improvise. Several girls have drunk a little drunk, lurched lying asleep on the sofa. 5:00, I bid farewell to a friend, take the train back to the Area C.
May be because of a hangover, the head has been rose up, throat, smoke, dry eyes. Train had a very easy to take a section of road, getting hard up, I simply take off the high heels, barefoot walk home. Many Australians are like the summer of barefoot walking, and I want to Area C, the ground should be very clean. Unexpectedly, almost home when I unfortunately stepped on a block blizzard. Sudden pain almost equal to the heart of a reel of my feet, knees heavy knock in the ground.

The door a few steps away from home, my lazy feet management of pain, crippled by a lame move forward, softly open the door, put down the shoes and bags, sitting on a chair to check the wound. Wound pain, but fortunately not serious. Limping feet to the kitchen filling a glass of water, people are awake a lot. When the sun has not been raised, Nick seemed to have forgotten to turn off the window, white cotton curtains flying in the morning breeze, a cold in the living room. Everything seems normal, but I vaguely feel any different.
Look around, I saw actually placed with the ashtray on the coffee table, piled messy inside the cigarette butts, the air is also released into the atmosphere if it seems to be no smell of smoke. In my impression, never seen Nick smoking, his life seems to have been very healthy, smoking such a thing and he seems to not touch. I think that the cigarette may be his friend leave.
Physical fatigue I'm too lazy to think carefully back into the house took the pajamas, I went to the bathroom rushed cool, and then simply use the Band-Aid under the wound. After returning to the room, I fell on the bed too sleepy to open eyes. Hazy, I begin to hear Nick out of the crushing sound of the door, and then the sound of the door gently close.
This sleep I've always slept until noon only wake up, open your eyes to see the bright sun streaming into the room with impunity, to shake me vertigo. Adapted to the brightness of the room, I saw Nick in the back yard to take care of the flowers. Out of bed and took a few steps and found the feet of the wound has no apparent pain. Bathroom to freshen up a simple, I intend to go to the kitchen to find some bread and milk to fill his stomach.
The living room is very clean, the ashtray on the coffee table had disappeared. I even suspect that, before it is not wrong.
Soon, Nick entered the room, bare arm out the red sun, the body sweat steaming.
Early, hot today, "I smiled and greeted and Nick.
"Oh, not earlier!" Nick smiled at me, revealing the neat white teeth. Always felt that he laughed very charming, with a men's handsome and a little boy innocence.
Take a shower first, and sweaty, "he said, self-deprecating.
Walked past me, Nick saw the size is too small, slightly twisted bandage on my knee, frowning, said, "Are you hurt?"
"Nothing, not affect the walk."
Nick entered the room took a few large Band-Aid handed it to me said, "Here, use this."
"Oh, thank you." I took his hands of the band-aid, feeling in the air temperature.
Careful next time, do not get a bull. "
Then, Nick no reason I went back to the room to take a bath.
To their own changed the band-aid, I continue to find breakfast in the fridge, not lunch. Unfortunately, my cell in the refrigerator was empty, and have only a small piece of bread pitiful lying there.
To blame the stomach and sang the empty city, back into the house changed clothes, and plan to a person to go out to solve the lunch also Shunpian Mai la carte. When I checked in the living room key wallet. Nick has showered, changed out of clean clothes, and, with her fragrance shower gel.
"To go out?"
"Well, go to dinner starved to death." I think the empty refrigerator, suffer gravely said.
"A man?"
"Well, how?"
With it, I did not eat. "Then, Nick is no longer ask for my advice, pick up the keys turned into the garage.
Although irritated Nick's self-assertion, but he goes on the handsome face is disgusting is not up.
Leaning against the comfortable leather seats, the window is a continuous retrogression of the street, tinted windows released a slightly pale face. I do not know whether to sleep a good relationship with the head still a little dizzy. Car air-conditioning was very full, I could not help but hold hold bare arms.
Nick from got into the car, there is no concern, fuzzy focus in the line of sight, seemed to be thinking anything. The atmosphere inside is a bit boring, I could not help break the silence and asked him, "Where are we going to eat?"
Nick recovered and said, "Thai xx, a good Thai restaurant, it should be to your taste."
I am lazy, "Oh," a cry only hope that we can hurry up dinner.
Is a awkward silence, Nick suddenly asked me, "you go out last night to play?"
"Well, last night in the City and a few old school party, we have not seen for a long time, playing quite happy."
"The girls on the outside be careful of the City at night is quite chaotic." Nick on the roadside to find a parking space, skillfully poured into the car.
Occasionally! Thanks for your attention. ", Nick concern me since the little waves, I pointedly asked," how do you know that I did not go home? "
"Last night at home, working late and did not see you." Nick answered gruffly, and then slightly dissatisfied "return home after Hush, early in the morning you wake."
Business There Although feet wounding, but I swear, when I entered or note, may never wake him.
I can only Pie Piezui expressed dissatisfaction really had to bow under the eaves.
Car completely stopped, I opened the door first, cross out the glare of the sun made me dizzy, I thought nothing of a foot injury began to dull them. I took a deep breath, body leaning against the car body.
Nick came over and held onto my arm and asked, "is not uncomfortable?"
I think my face is difficult to see, to squeeze out a little laugh, pretending to be easy to say, "okay, let's go."
Nick let me go and I walk side by side on the road. After entering the hotel, we chose a window seat. This hotel for a long time to come, the lobby bright floor to ceiling windows, elegant interior, the dish is also good.
Nick wearing pieces of light blue Polo shirt and dark trousers, the people seem fresh and competent. And cold like driving, he looked down the menu looked very gentle. When we eat, sitting next to a dark complexion girls in Southeast Asia from time to time to Nick glanced glances.
Thai sweet and sour taste, quite to my taste. We eat half the time, Nick's phone suddenly rang. The answer, his face an instant temperature. Finally dropped one to the other, "I'll be back right now (I'll be back)" and hung up.
Nick out of two 50 Give me your wallet, and said, "the company in a hurry, I want to go at once, take your time to eat, a home no problem?" Is not waiting for me to answer, and said "No, hit the car back, I go first. "
Looking at the back of his left in a hurry, my sense of loss, such as a flood was coming. I hate when he left on my perfunctory, and glanced at me, threw money like a beggar I sent a.
I looked out the window Nick outside the car sped away, I feel the sense of blocking fast enough. After checkout, I go to the supermarket and just buy some food, then a taxi home.
Once home, I collated the food in the kitchen, and that two yellow 50 on the coffee table.
Heart residual trace of depressed so I suspect that he is not like on Nick. Although he is a high-standard Fu Shuai Yes, but the thought of his hot and cold look, it felt cool.
The next few days, Nick seems to be very busy, and often missing. I came home to see him, he has not come back when I sleep. Huge house I am the only one empty terrible. When you go to work, I did not see him out early morning runs, or red eyes out from the room.
His room has been very quiet, never seem to have stayed the same. Sometimes I really want to push the door to see if he is not there. Nick's phone has been turned off, the garage has not been in his car.
He evaporated, I began to worry that he is not met with any accident, not alarm.
Finally after a few days in a floating rain, dusk, Nick with a look of tired back.
"What has happened? You these days go?" I looked at with a circle of stubble Nick asked.
"The company has an important project (project) is a problem, plus a few days of class." Then he entered the kitchen to pick up a large cup water, breath and drink.
"Do you want to get something to eat?" His gaunt me slightly sad.
Nick waved his hand, hoarse voice, said, "I go to sleep" and then went back to room and shut the door.
See Nick back to the room, I quietly shut the light back to his room.
Night without it.
The next morning, I wash finished go to the kitchen to eat breakfast, did not think Nick has also been up on the gas to cook with what I curiously went over to see the original in the porridge! Nick looks in good spirits, but lost a lot last night's stubble shaved clean.
"Early," he turned and greeted me.
"Early," I'm a little puzzled at the pot of porridge, and asked him, "how good spirits porridge, have to work?"
"Today, I rest, you have delicious food to eat together."
"Good," I am also the boss, says bluntly, "but you have side dishes?" As if his refrigerator are Western.
"You are on the line," his cunning smile.
"..." This guy is the original premeditated.
The congee quickly cooked was placed on the table. Although reluctant, I still buy their own pickles, fermented bean curd, dried meat floss, a pendulum serve.
Nick blunt twist open a bottle of pickles, plus a bowl to eat up, said, "You're welcome, myself. Porridge a good drink."
I grunted softly. Really the typical got cheaper still cold, I hate teeth itch, too lazy, he said.
Last porridge when I do not remember. Every morning, nibbling the dry bread, I thought When skillet of hot porridge, and then with the point side dishes, warm the poor stomach. But this tiny wishes for various reasons has not yet been achieved.
"Do not go to work today." Nick suddenly casually dropped word.
"Ah, why?" I am surprised payable to ask him.
"I'll take you places"
"The problem is so much time."
"However, I did not leave it," I said softly.
"Please go now."
"Well, then ... Well," I nodded a little hesitation. And then quickly finish a bowl of porridge, ready to get up to take the sink.
I have to clean up, you go to leave, change clothes, "Nick spoke slowly.

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