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The world's most luxurious Spa

Bali AYANA Resort & Spa
The hotel named the "refuge" in Sanskrit, is located at Jimbaran Bay in Bali southwest. The most special, the entire resort is located in the Indian Ocean on the limestone cliff 30 meters from the sea level.
AYANA has repeatedly won the World Resort & Spa, the award of the Asia-Pacific region the best spa resorts. Thalasso spa resort ThermesMarins Bali Spa is located in lush tropical gardens, covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters, known as the "Southeast Asia's unique salt water hot spring spa". Have extremely luxurious facilities including spa villas, treatment rooms, beauty salon, as well as the world's largest thalassotherapy pool - Aquatonic. Resort the most characteristic rock spa, amazing is located on top of the rock group, overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean, the magnificent Bali Spa is the real place of paradise care. Aromatic sensory therapy "intoxicating fragrance" magic jade make people feel warm and cool jade massage diamond miracle "ultra-luxury care from the Indian Ocean, blowing breeze and the delightful sea views make it better.
Switzerland Gstaad, Palace
The hotel is located in a secluded hillside, you can always watch the magnificent scenery of the Alps. It is said that because of this, during World War II, the Swiss Government had gold reserves of the country a large part of hiding in the hotel's two-storey bunker. Today, the historical La Fromagerie restaurant, and the famous Lobby Bar (Lobby Bar) platform.
As a family luxury resort in Switzerland, where there are unique spas, an area of ​​over 1800 square meters, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the Turkish bath, and large outdoor jacuzzi unique spa experience.
The hotel decorated and elegant rooms 104, here to enjoy a traditional Swiss dish, delicious champagne truffle cheese fondue, as well as characteristics such as flavor barbecue and authentic Italian cuisine.
Italy Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort
Located the Tuscan Vald'Orcia region this natural hot springs resort is located between Florence and Rome, with eight water Cascianodei Bagni hot soaking bath.
This class of natural spa is located in the vast expanse of olive groves and vineyards, at first glance is boundless green, as if the air mixing with the fragrance of olive oil and wine mellow. Here, while enjoying the spa comfort and pleasure, while also viewing the countryside of Tuscany, as well as rolling hills.
Resort spa and hotel rooms directly connected, is said to provide the services of over 100 kinds, from the east cultivation psychotherapy, fitness, diet planning and taste everything. More specifically, set up a special hot tub for pets suffering from arthritis and skin diseases.
Italy Villa Del Parco, Forte Village Resort
Villa Del to the Parco is a top spa, Ford Resort is located in Sardinia, Italy, the geographical elegant secluded, close to the beach is a paradise full of tropical.
The resort has 55 rooms, divided into bungalow style rooms, intimate sea view suites, and a two-bedroom modern villa. The spa has six different thalassotherapy pool, as well as a variety of marine therapy, can certainly give you a completely new spa experience to help you recuperate quickly, relieve fatigue.
Spa apart from the Belvedere restaurant in the resort to enjoy the food, chances are you can get and star chef Gordon - Ramsey have dinner with the opportunity to hear his insights on the food.
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