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Select the blind (massage) is a major treatment

Massage is an ancient Chinese method of a medical, massage is almost the same as with the history of China has a long history, the struggle of humanity and nature and disease, pain, out of instinct involuntary hand to massage the pain area, surprised to find ease or disappear, rubbing can make the painful area, so that after a long period of practice and mutual communication from the unconscious massage into conscious massage, self massage into massage each other, resulting in the original massage medical massage group. The massage has a high efficacy, no side effects, the blind has a superb memory, touch-sensitive and other unique advantages, very suitable for work in the massage of the profession, select the blind is a major means of treatment.
Ancient shell spring Cup Red Song Contest, organized by the News and the Texas Spring Festival Evening Show on the first network, so people quickly realized that a blind masseur Peng Peng not only sings with strength, his heart is very good, a difficult one Plus support, everyone will encounter difficulties, the life of each person will get help from others, others will help you when you have a problem when you help others, help others do not need earth-shattering, to help others not to make famous, not to wait until the money can help others, this time, when he heard a blood donation volunteers, said Wu Cheng blind children family is difficult, do not hesitate to participate in program income bonus of 600 yuan donated.
Liu Peng said, married in Texas in 2009, when the economy was not good from the not the help of friends in Texas Tin Wah Community eastbound 100 meters south played a less than 50 square meters of massage parlors, attending cervical spondylosis lumbar disc herniation, whenever the face of a guest with the pain from smiling and go, my heart is flattered, even if our life needs for food, but there are people more difficult than we So I do everything I can to go to some lonely elderly massage, let them have a peaceful old age.
I like music, so busy when placed in front of the stereo singing, so that attracted a lot of people, I will give them to friends, listening to music, to explain some of the bone and joint disease prevention knowledge, I say to people : Prevention is the most critical measures, optimism is the medicine do not have to spend money! The misconception of some friends of bone and joint diseases, sprains site to do all hot, which tends to aggravate the condition, contrary to the massage to increase the difficulty of treatment, there are friends like pillows tall, so more likely to cause cervical spondylosis, Liu Peng for many years on the job of massage medical continuous efforts, innovative, unique approach to diagnosis at an alarming out the depth of the patient's condition has been the praise of the guests
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